Electrical Installations Lodndon (Electrician)

Property Code LTD Stroma certified electrical installer hence has excess knowledge on the electrical installations. We install new wiring systems across London. Certify our work through self certification scheme through Stroma. At Property Code LTD we provide landlord or management agent with EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). Property Code does minor repairs all around light fittings, sockets, consumer units. Property Code LTD do Ecectrical Installations likewise certify new existing installations. Our works therefore always insured with 3rd party insurance.

Good maintenance and meeting requirements on electric installations are key for successful lettings for professional landlords. EICR certificate is a legal requirement for Landlords in UK who want to let their properties.

Electrical system installations are very sensitive for it’s design and locations hence lots of exams needs to passed and lots on theoretical and practical skills are required in order to deliver safe and ergonomic electrical installation system at your property. At property code we are always up to date with electrical requirements for installations in the domestic and commercial premises.